Honeywell Sensors showing open

Transferring over my Honeywell sensors from my ADT Pulse system to the new IQ panel received today from Surety. Several, both door/window, motion, smoke, heat, glass break, and water transferred successfully, but a few continually show open state. These sensors have been in trouble free operation for a few years, so I don’t think it’s the magnet placement.
I have tampered the problem ones and also tried deleting and adding back with no improvement. I used the tamper method from the wizard to add all of them. Thoughts?

Also, the heat, glass break, and smoke detectors that were added successfully, show closed on the panel, but “Device state unknown” on the devices tab on Is this a timing issue between the panel and, it’s been several hours. Thoughts?

Can’t believe how easy it was to add zwave devices vs the old Pulse netgear box!


The ones that are showing open r they learned in as loop 2

I don’t see any devices listed as open at the moment. Did you resolve your issue? As the user above suggested, Door Window sensors using the magnetic reed switch often (not always but often, depends on the sensor model) use Loop 2, and if you program them as Loop 1 they will be unable to report properly.

It also looks like everything is reporting a status at this time, there are no unknown device states. Can you confirm?

Thanks Jason, the problematic sensors had been deleted during your system lookin. I added back a problem window/ door under loop 2 just now.

Can you summarize correct loop settings for Honeywell sensors? Got that door/window need to be loop 2 from your reply.
Glass break


It’s not always quite that simple. The loop is specific to the model of sensor and how you are using it.

Generally most sensors use loop 1.

Some sensors have multiple functions, for example the Honeywell 5816 wireless door sensor has a wired input and the built in magnetic reed switch. If you are using the wired input it is Loop 1. If you are using the built in reed switch, Loop 2.

Always go by the sensor manual to set the right Loop.

I can help with specific instructions with the model numbers of the sensors, although all of the Glass Break, Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, and Motions I am aware of use Loop 1 for their primary function.

Some smoke detectors have built in heat detector or freeze detection circuits as well which use additional loops and are learned in individually.

What are the model numbers of the sensors you are using?

Yep, that was it, the loop setting was throwing me for a loop.

This fixed my issue as well. Thanks guys! I also switched from ADT, told those guys to pound sand. All of my Honeywell sensors added easily, but one was giving me an issue and reporting open when it wasn’t. I thought maybe the sensor went bad. Then I found this thread. For some reason, this particular sensor kept auto adding as “loop1”, instead of “loop2” as the others had. That sensor is now up and working in loop2 as it should be!