Honeywell RE206 Reporting Incorrectly

I have installed Honeywell RE206 tilt sensors on both of my overhead garage doors, with geofence notifications to let me know if I forget to close the door when I leave home. Yesterday we got the notification that we forgot to close the door, but when we got home the door was closed, though the sensor was still registered as open.

  • Could this be a range issue? That is, did the sensor send the “closed” signal and it didn’t make it to the panel?
  • Or, could it be a sensor issue? It has been cold here - close to 0 degrees F - would these sensors have problems in the cold?
  • Something else I’m not thinking of?


Tilt sensors suck in general. The RE206 are prone to false reporting, and there are numerous “reliability” issues.

Be better off with dw10 wired to an overhead garage door reed switch… But then you have the temp issue (0° F)

Running a wired overhead door contact to a transmitter is a common solution as rive suggested.

As far as the tilt goes, how long has it been installed? Have you had any other issues up until now?

You mentioned distance, how far away from the panel is it?

Another thing to check is that the proper loop is programmed if it is new. If the sensor is mounted vertically, it should be loop 2.

Thanks Rive and Jason. How big of a concern do you think the temperature is for the DW10?

The tilts have been installed for maybe a month, this is the first issue we’ve had. It’s probably 40’ from the panel, but through a few walls.

I’ll check the loop when I get home, thanks for the idea.

You don’t need to use a DW10 specifically. The Resolution Products door/window has two inputs for wired sensors and a minimum listed operating temperature of 0.

If I recall correctly, Honeywell makes a 5816OD outdoor sensor with an even lower range with one wired contact. I have never personally used it with 2gig, so I am not certain about compatibility but I will check on that.

With the RE201, could I do two reed switches using the two zones from one sensor?

Yep. Two wired contacts would use loops 1 and 3.

Suretydiy has the overhead garage reed switch $15:

Overhead garage door reed switch (wired to DW10):