Honeywell Prestige Integration

Hi all,
I just switched from a Nest Thermostat to a Honeywell Prestige 2.0 IAQ system. The Honeywell has a remote with “Away” and “Home” buttons to adjust the thermostat settings appropriately. Does the GoControl have any way that I can interface with this? I figure I can take apart the honeywell remote so basically I’d just have to connect 2 leads to send the “Away” signal. Any connections on the 2gig or any of it’s accessories that I could use to trigger this? Anyone have experience with anything similar?


You could use the 2IG open collector output to simulate a button press on the Honeywell remote. The only problem is I don’t know of a programming option that would be useful with it. Look at Q78 in the 2GIG installation manual for options. You can also program the 2GIG keyfob * button to trigger the open collector output but you can’t control that through

The only real remote option would be to use a z-wave controlled relay and control it as a light switch.

Yeah, I actually came up with the same idea and then realized that the remote is actually pretty difficult to take apart so I don’t think it would work after all.

Any news on integrating with any services like IFTTT, Honeywell total comfort connect, Wink, or anything similar?

I doubt they will integrate with those services any time soon as I think they would be viewed as competitors.