Honeywell PIR motion to 2gig 345 module

I have a wired Honeywell PIR motion(4 wires 1-12v + 1-12v - 1-com 1-n/c ) can this be used with a 2gig 345 take module,if possible and how to wire

The wires for the 12V+ and 12V- can just stay plugged into the old alarm panel. In most cases, they will be plugged into the Auxiliary + and - terminals on the panel. The Com wire can stay wired into the old alarm panel in one of the common terminals. The N/C wire should get wired into the 2gig345 take module in one of the zone terminals (1-8).

thanks…just checking to be sure i was correct didn’t want to fry the 2gig takeover mod