Honeywell 5898 Setup Questions

I am installing a number of Honeywell 5898 Motion sensors with a 2GIG GC3 Control Panel. I need to configure one of them to not be sensitive to my 90lb dog in the family room.

I replaced the lens on the 5898 Motion sensor with the pet lens per the instructions. Is there anything else that I need to do to configure this motion sensor to not be sensitive to my dog and to avoid false alarms? Installation instructions are a little confusing.

You will want to make sure to enroll the 5898 in your alarm panel as “Loop 1.” This will be a programming question in your GC3 sensor programming. Loop 1 uses the first dip switch to determine sensitivity.

You will also want to set dip switch 1 to its “On” position. This sets it to low sensitivity.

How do you know whether to set the fluorescent Light filter dip switch to 60 Hz or 50 Hz?


I believe fluorescent lights will flicker at a multiple of the mains frequency. Typically in North America, that’ll be 60Hz.

I was also thinking about adding entries into my 2GIG GC3 controller for Loops 3 to capture low temperature situations of the Honeywell 5898 in certain rooms.

Do you know what I should make the settings in the 2GIG GC3 controller to enable this (i.e. Sensor type, Equipment code, etc)?

Typically you would use for the Zone Type (8) 24 Hour Auxiliary Alarm, and Equipment Type: Freeze.

This would be a separate zone in programming.

You could also just set it as (23) No Response Type and Contact if you prefer no local alarms and just use sensor activity monitoring notifications if it trips.

Should I continue to use the Equipment code of “0609 - Existing Motion Detector” for this loop 3 low temperature item like I did on the loop1 and the loop2 5898 sensor previously defined entries?

That would be fine. Equipment code is mostly for documentation purposes.