Honeywell 5853 tamper alert

I have two Honeywell 5853 glass break sensors. However, after installing both, the glass break sensors constantly read open/tampering and are usually bypassed. I checked to make sure both are closed, but I am not sure what else can be done. Please let me know if I am missing something.

Did you learn the glass breaks into the system yourself or did they come pre-programmed?

If you programmed them, did you manually type the serial number or did you learn them in via signalling?

Check to make sure the batteries are seated properly in the proper + - orientation.

I learned both via signaling and verified the serial numbers matched. The batteries are in the correct position.

How long has this been occurring and how quickly after installation of the sensors did it begin? Was there ever a time where they functioned?

This occurred about 20 minutes after the installation of the sensors and has been going on for sometime. Every time I arm the system it automatically bypasses the sensors. If I restart the 2gig panel, both sensors no longer read tampered, but within 20 minutes the 2gig will notify me of a tamper with both glass break sensors.

I looked at your panel programming for those 2 sensors and it all looks correct. Is it possible something is being shorted on the circuit boards? Any chance the test mode pads are shorted as shown in the upper right corner of page 1 of the installation manual?

If you are sure that the serial numbers are correct then it sounds like the glass break detectors themselves might be bad. It’s odd that both would exhibit the same problem like that… makes me suspicious that we’re overlooking something. I can’t think of anything else though. Where did you get them? Is it possible to exchange them?

By chance did you use 3 screws to mount the Glass breaks? (The third going behind the battery housing) The mounting hole behind the battery housing operates as a rear tamper switch. It is meant so that if someone simply rips the device off the wall, the breakaway piece of plastic held by that rear screw remains and a tamper switch is unseated.

If this plastic piece has been broken off or deformed you could be registering a tamper this way.

See attached image.