Honeywell 5853 showing open

I installed a Honeywell 5853 glass break ony 2gig panel. It is showing it’s status as open and will not close, it has been hours. Somebody told me if it’s showing open, that doesn’t mean I lifted the lid, but that it heard a glass break sound, and that I need to reset it. Don’t know if this is right or not, but I opened and pulled the battery and replaced, did not work. How do I get the status to close?


This is very commonly an issue with the loop number programmed into the panel. The Honeywell 5853 should automatically close the detection circuit after a sound is detected.

Check the sensor programming for that device. It must be programmed as Loop 1.

Another possibility would be a loss of communication from the sensor. From its mounted position, does it reliably cause a tamper alert on the panel when you remove the cover?