Honeywell 5821 as NO sensor

Would it be possible to use a Honeywell 5821 as a wireless “normally open” switch sensor? It seems the water probe functions more or less as a NO switch.


Yeah, I guess that might work. I’m not sure if there is any additional processing that goes on in those water bugs that could cause issues.

You might also consider a Honeywell 5817.

Thanks Ryan, the 5817 indeed seems like the correct solution. I got one, so next question - the 2GIG equipment codes include codes for the 5816 and 5818, but not the 5817. When enrolling should I just use the code for the 5816, or something else?


Selecting 5816 should be fine. Typically it doesn’t matter. That equipment code in 2GIG system configuration was intended just for dealer record keeping so dealers can see remotely which model they installed. They didn’t include all sensor models as choices, just the ones that are used by their larger dealers. I think it’s used for other purposes in rare cases but for a simple sensor like the 5817 it shouldn’t matter. If you end up having problems with it then we might look at that for troubleshooting but if it works, use it.