Honeywell 5816OD and Qolsys

Hi all,

I hope I’m wrong about this… I purchased two Honeywell 5816OD sensors for outdoor gates. I tried to add them to my Qolsys panel, but no joy. I think this may be because the Qolsys panels aren’t compatible with these sensors (but the 2gig panels are compatible).

Can anyone validate? Like I said, I hope I’m wrong because I cannot find any other outdoor sensors for extreme weather.

Thanks very much.

Your suspicion is correct.

The Qolsys IQ panel is natively compatible with most GE Security 319mhz Wireless Sensors.

The Honeywell 345mhz 5816OD is not directly compatible. (It is with 2GIG)

If you would like to use one with the Qolsys panel, wireless translators exist and would be needed for them to function.

Current directly supported security sensors for the Qolsys IQ panel are shown in the attached document.

Supported-Security-RF-Sensors-319.pdf (131 KB)

Thanks very much.

Will this translator do the job?

No, you would need to use the one linked in the original response. suretyDIY does not directly sell this translator model.

The translator model number required to use a Honeywell Sensor with a GE protocol system is the RE124HG.

Apologies. I missed the link in the previous response. Thank you for the info.

It is our pleasure. Another option, depending on the intended use of the sensors, would be something like this.