Honeywell 5800COMBO

Is this new combo smoke/co2 detector compatible with 2gig and ADC? Any other combo detectors compatible?

The 5800COMBO from HoneyWell communicates on the 345 band and would be compatible with the 2GIG GC2 and GC3 panels. Iirc it is the only combo detector that is compatible with the 2GIG GC2/3 panel.

Im sorry Im confused by the last message. The honeywell is or is not compatible. Then next line you mention another brand being the only compatible. Can you confirm the brand/model of the model that is compatible?

He is saying the 5800COMBO works with the GC2 and GC3.

The last line does not mention another brand.

I think you are referring to his use of “iirc” which means “if I remember correctly.”