Honeywell 5800COMBO Programming Qolsys IQ 4 Panel

Programming a Qolsys IQ 4 Panel. Have 2 5800COMBO detectors.

The device only reports an Smoke alarm to the panel when programmed to Loop 1 and a CO alarm when programmed to Loop 3 (using the correct addresses of course). In both cases, when doing a test of the device, once the alarm activates, I disarm the system to clear the alarm, but the sensor remains in the active list of devices in alarm. Kind of looks like it is latching but I don’t see an additional way to “reset” the device.

What’s the proper programming configuration for this device to the panel?

I had read (still trying to find where again-I had written it into my notes) that the smoke must be on Loop 2 and the CO must be on Loop 1, but neither report alarms on those settings.

5800Combo is not compatible with the IQ Panel 4 345MHz panel. There is no alternative combination fire/carbon that is compatible either.

A list of tested compatible sensors can be found below. For the 345MHz version of the IQ Panel 4, only the 345 and PowerG sections are relevant.

That’s an old sheet though. The current IQ 4 Panel Installer’s manual says it is:

To be fair, the current version (4/1/2022) of that PDF doc also doesn’t list it either.

The sheet referenced previously is the most recent information for both IQ Panel 2 and 4, they have not released anything newer.

I spoke with Qolsys representatives today and was told its specifically not compatible. I have reached out to get conformation and I will follow up as soon as I hear back.

Any update on this? I am about to buy some smoke detectors and it would be nice to have CO built in there as well. Is there anything compatible with the IQ4 that does both?

There are no officially supported compatible Smoke/CO combo units that I am aware of.

With a 345Mhz panel though you do have access to the FF-345, which can monitor both Smoke and CO temporal patterns.

This would work for any interconnected UL listed detectors.