HomeTroller Zee S2 vs Vera Edge

Curious what everyone thinKs… From what I can tell both will work as a Z-Wave Primary controller and the 2GIG as a secondary for the door/window sensors through ADC. Right now the Vera Edge is going for $100 and the Zee S2 is $75. Comparing the two the Zee S2 out performs the Vera Edge, 900Mhz vs 600Mhz processor, 1GB vs 128MB RAM, 8GB SD vs 128MB NAND storage, the Vera does have WiFi built in while for the Zee S2 needs and optional WiFi adapter.
Off this alone I would say for $25 less the HomeTroller is the better deal. The question is how easy is the HomeTroller to use? I don’t know any scripting and wouldn’t really want to fiddle with scripting to make thing integrate.

I’m not finding the HomeTroller for less than $200 myself. I do not have personal experience using it. Looks like it supports Z-wave plus and options for Insteon and other protocols.

Jason, you’re right, I misread the deals. For anyone who is interested the HomeSeer store is doing some blackfriday deals. http://www.homeseer.com/support/newsletters/current-promo.htm To me the HomeSeer sounds like a superior system, really my biggest concern is should a newbie like myself start with something like this. I really just can’t see to get a good feel for it.

I can only say that generally, having extra capability and never using it is probably better than not having extra capability and finding you need it.

That said, I’m not sure where the tipping point lies when it comes to the specs and what is needed for an efficient Z-wave controller and where additional power provides diminishing returns. I’d imagine that point is below the specs of the Hometroller. It all depends on how customized you are looking to make your system.