Home Services buttons on Contol Panel

I do not have all the “Home Services” buttons on my control panel. Reading through the 2gig manual it indicates this may be limited by my installer. Is this something you have to change or should I be able to change this on my own?

For reference, here’s the excerpt from the manual i’m referring to:
Device Management
Setup and control of Z-Wave devices is accessed
by pressing the HOME SERVICES button and
using the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen.
This screen displays buttons for Switches,
Thermostats, Rules, Scenes, and access to
the Z-Wave toolbox (Some Home Services
buttons may or may not display depending
on options selected by your Installer).

That would be Q80, Q81 and Q82 in system configuration. You can change those settings or we can change them for you. I sent some commands to enable them for you. Do you know your installer code? You need it to access system configuration.

We always enable those settings on control panels we ship but if you got the panel elsewhere they are sometimes disabled.