Home offline message.

Every once and a while I get the home offline message on my system. I think it’s something with the t2000 thermostat.

In the past I have removed the tstat and added and I didn’t get this for a while.

I haven’t recieved the message since I added the remote sensors but I just got the message the other day. I have done the zwave relearn when I mover any sensors around.

Can you look into my account and see if you can give me any ideas?

I only see one instance of this in the past few months.

What it likely means is that a status command did not make it to the panel or ADC. It looks like in this instance, some commands were sent or a schedule adjustment occurred and the thermostat may have not acknowledged all commands. It reported offline shortly following, then later that day the malfunction cleared it seems due to an additional status.

It looks like there are no repeating devices in this Z-wave network to assist the T-stat (though the T-stat reports being learned in on AC so that’s good)

Is the T-stat fairly close to the panel? What kind of distance is there?

50 feet from the panel going through 1 non insulated wall.

That’s actually surprising that the malfunction only happens so rarely! I would definitely recommend a couple repeating devices to help bolster the mesh network. I would say 25-30 feet would be as far as I would expect to see no communication errors.

It looks like you aren’t having too many issues, so it just depends on preference and how often the offline malfunctions occur.

Ok, that makes sense.

I plan on adding some zwave controllers in the near future and hopefully that will strengthen the signal.

Thank you for looking into this.

My pleasure. Light switches and plug in appliance modules are great for boosting network communication. Plus they add more functionality and automation.

There are also dedicated repeater only devices that do not have other functions but to improve the network.