Home Energy Meter Plot

at times, I’m finding it hard to read the x and y-axis on the Home Energy Meter Plot when using the alarm.com plot. Is there a way to make the axis’s font larger? Customizing the color would also be nice.

Please see screen shot from my phone to give you an idea what i’m talking about. It reads better on the computer, but when reading from my phone its a little tricky.

My phone is an Android 9 OS.

There isn’t a way to adjust the font. That is not a direct copy of the website table though, so it should be something easily adjustable. We can send an enhancement request to ADC regarding this.

thanks, Jason. The screenshot is from my phone. The alarm.com website plots are really good!

If ADC can tweak the app version, that would be great.

noticed something odd about my display plot for the Home Energy Meter

When in my alarm.com app:
I can see, 24 hr usage (i.e. hour-by-hour energy usage), 7 day usage and 21 day usage

When in my alarm.com web interface online:

I can see 7 days, 21 days, 6 months and 12 months. There is an option to see my 24 hr usage (i.e. the hour-by-hour), however, when I select it, it doesn’t actually show me the 24 hr usage.

Any idea why are there discrepancies in viewing my energy usage plots between the app and online?

Looking into it, it looks like the 6 and 12 month options are missing from the mobile app. In order to view those portions, you would need to be logged in to the website.

Energy monitoring information looks as though it was designed to be viewed primarily via the website as it offers more detail etc.

thanks, Tyler. That does make sense.

Any reason why I cannot view the hour-by-hour usage (i.e. the 24 hr usage) on the website, though?

The Usage in the mobile view for 24 hour shows information but the Website doesn’t?

How long has this gone on?

yes, that is correct.

Since I had the Energy meter installed (about a month ago)

That’s very interesting considering that data does populate in the mobile app.

What browser do you use? Are you able to check this from a different browser?

I use Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130, and IE 11.1622. Still cant see the 24 hr plot on either.

The option is there, its selected, but the plot doesn’t repopulate to reflect the 24 hr selection view.

While it could be a hardware issue, it doesn’t sound likely, given that the accurate data is appearing in the mobile app.

Is the rest of the data in the Usage tab via the website populating correctly i.e 7 day or 21 day), does it match the mobile app?

Yes, the rest of the data is populating correctly and matches that of the app (at least for the 7 and 21 day formats).

I don’t see this issue testing our accounts with energy management, using the same browser version. This would likely be an issue specific to your account or device. I’m not aware of any reasons why the same info wouldn’t be accessible from the app and website.

I would recommend having your dealer troubleshoot with your settings and electricity provider details. See if the same occurs when looking at usage in kWh vs cost.