Home Automation with GC3

I’ve been trying to set up some scenes on Alarm.com but none of my z-wave devices show up except for my garage door openers, my garage light and Controller (ID:1) which I assume is my smartthings hub. Everything works great with the Amazon Echo and I even managed to set the GC3 as a secondary controller. My devices show up on my GC3 and I can control them from the panel but nothing shows up in Alarm.com. What am I missing or is this an issue that will be fixed with a firmware update from Nortel? I really want to get this going. Thanks

Other users have reported that the GC3 does not properly send the data to ADC yet when set as a secondary controller. I think firmware updates will be required to make this work fully.

Thanks for the info. I have not seen that thread before. For some crazy reason, all of my devices are now showing up in Alarm.com. Did you do something to my account? I have been trying for 3 weeks and today they are there. I’ll do some more testing and see where it gets me.
Thanks for the help!

An updated equipment request was performed, but did not expect to see new devices. That’s good news. Issues may be related to Z-wave version of the controllers. Without it being officially supported as a function it is difficult to definitively say.

This is good news though. Let us know if all the functions work through ADC for the devices that populated

Just finish labeling all of my devices and am able to control everything via ADC. There is a 10 second lag but I can live with that! Now onto creating some rules. BTW all of my switches are GE z-wave dimmers, fan controllers, or smart switches. This is good news.