History Discrepancy between Panel and ADC

Being new to this, I’m trying to figure out if this is normal, or something I would consider a potential bug somewhere. Scenario:

My wife left the this morning while I was upstairs in the office. A little while later, I logged into ADC to look at the logs (in part keeping an eye on the tilt sensor to see if I should exchange it). The log shows this:

10:18 am - Kitchen Door (Sensor 7) Opened/Closed
10:16 am - Garage (Sensor 2201) Closed
10:16 am - Garage Tilt (Sensor 5) Closed
10:16 am - Garage Tilt (Sensor 5) Opened
10:15 am - Garage (Sensor 2201) Opened
10:15 am - Kitchen Door (Sensor 7) Opened/Closed

So 10:15, she goes out, opens the garage, pulls out, closes garage. All reports line up normal. Then we have the 10:18 entry for kitchen door opening and closing again. Since I’m upstairs, I’m thinking unless we have a ghost, that’s not quite right. So I went down and checked the history on the panel. It amounts more to this:

10:16 am - Garage Tilt Closed
10:16 am - Kitchen Door Closed
10:16 am - Kitchen Door Opened
10:16 am - Garage Tilt Opened
10:15 am - Kitchen Door Closed
10:15 am - Kitchen Door Opened

Which lines up. Wife went out, realized she forgot something, came back in and grabbed it, then left.

The only discrepancy in this case is the extra open and close of the kitchen door. For some reason ADC didn’t get that till 3 minutes later. Like I say, not really worrying in this instance as 1) I know the panel is right and 2) I can pretty well guess what happened even on ADC, but I’m not sure if something like that should be treated as an anomaly and reported or is more the expected norm.

That is actually normal. The reason is that for sensor activity monitoring, Alarm.com imposes a 3 minute delay between the same recorded signals from the same sensor. This is to avoid overloading systems with sensors being tripped over and over. Someone could open and close a sensor multiple times in a span of a few seconds, and if all were registered, it would be detrimental to signal processing (especially considering how many millions of customer signals are being concurrently processed)

Keep in mind this has nothing to do with alarm signals when the panel is armed, as those are unique and logged upon the sensor being tripped.

Exactly what I was wondering, thanks!