Hidden Network

I purchased a new internet router and thought that I had reconfigured everything to ride on the new wireless address. I find that several appliances (e.g. network cameras up high) are using the old network and password and delivering videos out to me through alarm.com. How can that be? Where would an embedded network URL reside on the system? It’s a wired setup throughout a two year old house.

Wondering if it’s a network relay or WAP that stored the old system. But it should be disabled. My brain hurts. Someone please help.

If cameras are connected to Alarm.com and functioning, that means they are connected to whatever network access point you set them up for via the SSID and password used.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you what router or access point you used. I can confirm two of your cameras (a V722W and a Skybell) use a 2.4Ghz network, and a third camera (V722W) is connected to a different 5Ghz SSID.

Did you leave the old router or access point connected? I would assume it is wired to the new router using one of the ethernet ports.

The company that set up the home network when the house was built, before we purchased it and switched to you, tried to put me on three year contract. Could network reside outside of my home?

Are you asking if the cameras are connecting to a wifi source not local to your house? No, that is not how Wifi works.

You have 3 cameras. 2 are on one SSID, the third camera is on a different SSID.

To be of assistance, can you send a private message with the model number of the router you added, the model number of your modem, and the SSID you are using for the new router.