need to reimplement my system!

From records here it looks like this may be referring to a re-order using a new module? Is that true? If you have a new module and have installed it in your panel, please email and provide the new module serial number and our customer service team will help get you set up.

info sent

Running cell phone test get
Connection error
Connection error
Waiting for cs response
Connection error
Connection error
Cell phone test failed retry later.

What next?

Just got a new sequence
Connection errors and then acquiring network registration and then connection errors and then waiting for cs response and then failed

Looks like the module that was used is an older module (date code shows 2013).

If they have never been associated with an account, some older modules have been deactivated by the carrier due to being shelved for too long. (Past manufacturer warranty)

There is a troubleshooting step that has had fairly good success in the past which would be good to try in this case. See the video below.