Help with set up

Help with set up… I purchased a large amount of security devices … I had a certified electrician come and install the system. At this point we are almost completely up and running however a few sensors are not working and the fire detector sensor keeps reading “low battery” and sending an alert to the system. … The fire detector sensor is brand new so I can’t see how it has a low battery which is making me think this sensor is also not working properly. I need to know how to go about exchanging these sensors for new fully functioning sensors for my electrician to return and finish install. The sensors that are not working are in boxes labeled micro smart energy illuminator g2.

Regarding the Micro Illuminators, a couple things to look for:

As a Zwave device, these need to be learned into your control panel within a few feet to ensure proper pairing. This can be accomplished by running the panel on battery and bringing it to the light. (If they simply won’t pair)

The illuminators will not function with a physical dimmer switch connected. The physical switch controlling it must be on-off only.

The illuminators will not work on a 3 way circuit.

As a Zwave device, if they are not within 30 feet or so of the panel or you have no repeating Zwave devices in between the panel and the light switch, you will probably run into distance issues. A Zwave repeater can help if this is the case.

What is the model number of the smoke detector?

If it is the Encore Firefighter and was learned in by manually typing the serial number, check to make sure the thin plastic clear wrap around the battery has been fully removed. It can be easy to miss.

Firefighter ec-ff345

The firefighter is not a smoke or fire detector. It is an audio detector that monitors your existing wired, and/or your local 120v Interconnected smoke alarms.

Replace batteries and see if trouble clears

One other thing to try regarding the illuminators, if no other issues are evident, is to run a network rediscovery. Access the Zwave toolbox and select advanced. Select network rediscovery. This will remap routes between Zwave devices.

The fire detector is that close and I set off my smoke alarm and the security system is not picking up on it. The plastic wrapper is fully removed.

In response to sensors… The first response of yours all was done or tried. I read on another forum about reprogramming so I also tried that … Most sensors went on without any issues… These three will not pair… I referenced other forums before contacting directly and as I said I had an electrician doing this who was familiar with security install. I believe these three sensors are malfunctioning and need to be replaced… Is that a service that can be accomplished… Once new sensors are in possession I will follow same steps as I did and hopefully they will take like the others took in the house.

Batteries were also replaced and still reads low battery on monitor security screen and pets out an alarm signal from time to time

I’m seeing on the return policy any no working equipment can’t be returned however they are not working due to my doing… Is there a person to contact to exchange these items after all trouble shooting has been done I don’t see how they can’t be defective on manufactures end.

If they are defective they are covered under the warranty. All the information you need is located here.

They should have been learned in when the equipment shipped. When you say they will not pair, did you remove them and then could not add them back? I am showing one as deleted from programming at 1:33pm on 3/3/15 and the other two as deleted at 11:55am on that same day.

We installed with others and when they would not pair they were uninstalled and following another forums advice I tried programming.

fire detector is that close and I set off my smoke alarm and the security system is not picking up on it. The plastic wrapper is fully removed.

How are you testing? You cannot simply hold the smoke alarm test button. You must have 3 cadences (9 beeps) or 30 seconds if programmed for verification.

Perhaps you should also verify it was programmed properly.

Yes, you would want to make sure the Firefighter is programmed as Loop 2, specifically. If it shows as a different loop number it will not function properly. It is unlikely that this would be wrong, but it is of course possible.

Zwave devices can be a bit frustrating to set up. And you would need to run that network rediscovery if these were purchased through us and paired prior to shipment. Zwave’s mesh network will typically not just pick up the device when you plug it in if it is any appreciable distance from the panel. The network rediscovery will map all the new locations of the sensors within the network.