Help with motion detector

I have the 2gig pir1 and when we got home last night the alarm was going off when we pulled in the garage. I thought it may have fought the garage door going up due to where it was located. I moved it and installed a camera today. Came home and when pulled in garage the alarm was going off. I looked at the uploaded video from the trigger and its out 8 lb shihtzu that’s setting it off. Can someone recommend a good motion detector to replace this one?

A 2GIG-PIR1-345 should have no problem with an 8 pound dog unless it’s being used improperly, the dog jumps high or, less likely, it’s defective.

Make sure you have the jumpers set for pet immunity and low sensitivity.

2GIG motion detector

Is there anything your dog could be climbing up on like a couch or a stair case to get up into the motion detection area? You should locate/aim PIR motion detectors so your dog can’t climb up into the detection area. If your dog tends to jump up high then there’s not much you can do with a simple PIR motion.

Pet Immune PIR

Make sure you don’t have it tilted downward. It’s meant to point straight forward. It looks down on it’s own.

There are ways to experiment with a PIR without causing alarms all the time.

Finally, if you really think this motion isn’t good enough at pet immunity, the Honeywell 5898 Dual Tec motion detector is better.

Another issue k have with it is I can put it in test and walk all in the living room and I have to walk circles to get it to go off after several mins. And I’m 6’ 250.

PIR motion detectors can be tricky to test. Maybe they’re not resetting when you test? See these posts.

This video goes over some of the things Ryan mentioned; the importance of placement, how pet “immunity” works, sensitivity options, and testing your motion detector (and common ways testing goes awry). It posted on the product page and on some of the threads Ryan referenced, but if you haven’t watched it yet, it may be helpful -