Help with Image Sensor Test

My image sensor fell off the wall and landed pretty hard on the wood floor just now (9 foot drop). I went to the test site (three times) and tried to login using the s/n of my cell module as shown under the radio settings and the auth code I get from pressing the request button on the panel.

Each time I closed the page and re-entered the info (different auth code) and keep getting the “Serial or authorization code was incorrect” error. Is this page still accessible to users?

I remember using it a while back, but nothing recently until now. Wanted to test my sensor to make sure it’s still working correctly without being charged an upload.

Is this page still accessible to users

Yes, just used it

Hmm…wonder why I couldn’t get it to work. I’ll try again.

Still not working. Just to make sure, the module s/n is 15 digits (exclude “-” dash) correct?

Most likely you are inputting the serial incorrectly. it is 10 digit (like a cell number)

Yep, try the last ten digits of the number you are using.