Help wiring siren to hardwire 16

hello - i have successfully installed my hardwire 16 expect for the siren. On my concord 4 it had a hardwired siren that i’d love to use with my new Qolsys setup. Below is a link to how i currently have it wired. Is this correct?

That does not look correct. The wiring diagram to use existing sirens can be found here on the Hardwire 16 quick guide.

You’ll need to connect the buzzer output of the Qolsys terminal block to the Hardwire 16 ENB and GND, jump aux power to the IN terminal, then power the siren off of OUT and GND.

so i need to run a wire from my qolsys panel to the hardwire 16 in order to use the siren connected to my concord 4? cant i just place the wires from the concord 4 to the hardwire 16 like i did with the sensors?


The Buzzer output from the Qolsys panel triggers the Hardwire 16 relay to activate the siren. Buzzer + and - from the panel must be wired to ENB and GND on the Hardwire 16.

I see, thanks. I’ve found the IQ siren that i may need to purchase. Do you know of how i can repeat the door chimes of the IQ panel 2? Other than purchasing the secondary panel to put in my master room Id like to know if there is a more cost effective way.

The only way to replicate the chimes of the Control panel is to use an IQ Remote secondary keypad. Chimes and voice announcements are not made through Z-wave sirens, etc.