Help using an old 2GIG System

I had an old Vivint system and am looking at bringing it back to life. I’d rather self monitor through smart things 2, or wink 2 but as sensors for 2 gig are so cheap and I have about 20 already installed I’d like to use this panel and tie it to one of the smart hubs.

Ideally I’d rather have wink text if an alarm is triggered rather than central monitoring. It looks like there is basically an Ethernet bridge available for this panel, do you know if it would be along the lines of what I’m looking for or do I need monitored service?
Firmware version is 1.9.6

Thanks for any help you can provide

If trying to monitor individual sensors the 2gig panel does not share sensor states with a z-wave hub/controller nor can you control the 2GIG Panel alarm functions from a Z-wave controller

This thread covers more on using a z-wave hub and a 2GIG panel as a secondary controller.

We offer both the Basic Interactive and Gold Interactive service plans. Should you be looking to self monitor our service plans can be purchased without 24/7 Central Station Monitoring.