Help removing z-wave devices through

Could you guys run a refresh on the zwave device list? It’s still showing a few devices that should have been deleted.


Update and equipment list commands were run however I am still seeing a few z-wave devices reporting malfunction. These devices may not have been removed successfully from the z-wave network.

I can remotely delete the devices as long as they are no longer communicating with the panel. What are the devices names/node IDs of the devices you were looking to remove?

All of them actually. I moved them all to SmartThings a little while ago.

If you removed the devices using Smartthings, they would not be removed from the Z-wave module on your panel, which is why they would continue showing up.

Just for verification, can you please confirm you would like us to delete all Z-wave devices in malfunction currently on your panel?

Yes could you please delete all of them

A command has been sent for each malfunctioning device. Please allow 5-10 minutes for these to complete.