Help issue Smoke Detector with Iq panel

Hey Guys after i installed the new panel i went to test the Living Room Smoke Detector which i programmed loop 1 as smoke and loop 2 as heat when i pressed and held the test button on the detector the smoke detector started beeping like it should but once the panel received it the panel siren started to sound it so i released the test button once i released the test button the panel stopped the siren for fire but displayed alarm on the screen as it should but i dont believe the panel siren shouldnt have stopped until i disarmed the panel i dont feel this is normal idk if might be but my concern is what if its actual detecting smoke will the panel itself stop sounding during a actual smoke detector or will it contiue to sound or was the panel just acting this way because i was testing the smoke i have a hallway smoke detector programmed as loop 1 only idk if it acts the same way or not but can someone help me out with and ease my mind

I sent. a messsge to the owner surety as well cause I seen other people get help in the chat but mine has yet to get a single reply

Hi Charlie,

I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your question. I’m working from home and to be honest I don’t have a 345 MHz Qolsys panel on me to test with. We’re lightly staffed on weekends. Tomorrow we’ll be fully staffed and I’m sure we will be able to get you a more definitive answer. I promise we won’t miss your question.

Ok thanks sorry to bug u all I just never seen there before I will be at my parents house at 2 tommorow I’m gonna test the hallway detector see if it does it but I did find a brand new powerg Smoke detector on the eBay for $26 which is a steal

No problem at all. I understand how this stuff can be frustrating. Since the smoke detectors themselves make noise, it doesn’t matter as much whether the panel itself continues to make noise. The smoke detectors will make noise as long as they detect smoke.

I recommend doing a full alarm test on your smoke detectors. To be safe, you can put your account in test mode using System Manager, or you can call the monitoring center and ask them to put you in test mode. Then actually trigger a smoke alarm. Afterward you can call and ask them if they received the signal.

The monitoring center # is 855-348-0367.

From people I have talked to they say that’s not normal but I’m not sure I’m use to the panel sounding the whole time until u turn the alarm off that’s even Fire Marshall recommends if this panel isn’t doing could that mean there an issue with the panel

You currently have two way voice active.

When two way voice is active, during alarms your siren will cut out temporarily to allow two way voice communication. This happens regardless of whether you are in test mode with the monitoring station because the panel will still call out via two way for each alarm.

The siren will kick back in after the two way call is completed/closed.

Ok so can I go about testing the smoke detector then do I just wait a little bit until the alarm siren continues

I never seen this before guess I have more advanced system now

You can continue to test normally. The siren will shut off for a short time to allow for two way voice during each activation.

Ok great I will try this this afternoon it just new to me is all I’m use to the 2gig panel and things I like how it fast doses connect though

Fire detectors r all working as they should thanks guys for all ur help

Glad to hear, happy to help.