Help Adding an August Smart Lock

I need to add a couple of smart locks to my account.


Happy to assist!

Note that the August Smart Lock Pro V3 is the only August smart lock that is compatible with at the time of this writing. Additionally, the lock does not have a keypad so it would not be compatible with lock user code features through

The lock is enrolled in via panel’s Z-Wave network using the August Home app:

  1. After physically installing the lock, you will want to enable the lock in the August Home app. To start, open the August Home app and click Get Started, or if already logged in to the app, click Set Up a Lock via the main menu. Also ensure that Bluetooth is turned on for the device running the August Home app

  2. Put the panel into add mode.

  3. Trigger the lock using the August Home app:

    • Click to select the House the lock is associated with.
    • Click Settings.
    • Click Lock Settings.
    • In Platforms, click Z-Wave Settings.
    • Click Add to a Z-Wave Network.
    • Click My Hub is in Inclusion Mode.
    • Once it’s complete, a message that the lock has been successfully connected to the Z-Wave hub
    • Click Done.

Once finished, you may need to log out of then back in to see the desired changes.

As always, you will want to run a Z-Wave network rediscovery at the panel when the above process has been completed.

I just added one of these to my new IQ2 panel this weekend. I know this post is a couple years old but wanted to add to Tyler’s instructions.

If you are having issues, do a factory reset to the lock after both firmware updates and start fresh again. See below …

Once I setup the lock per instructions there was a firmware upgrade. Then went to setup the zwave in the app it upgraded the firmware again. I think this was to enable the zwave.

I added and remove the new lock a half dozen times, even cleared all zwave devices so only the lock was the only device in the list. Every time I got the S0/S2 prompt from the August app. Once in the IQ2 it would could see the lock, but could not command the lock or get a status. I kept getting a non-secured mode with the device in the IQ2 when trying to refresh or command the lock from the panel.

I was about to give up, then decided to do a factory reset of the lock from the August App. Then reset up the lock in the app as before, there were no firmware upgrades needed so it retained both firmware upgrades. Added back to the IQ2 with no S0/S2 prompts from the App and everything worked perfectly in the IQ2.