Help 2gig panel no power

So I recently purchased a used 2gig panel. To test it out I plugged it in just to make sure its working. Boots up I check the menus everything looks good. I come back 30 minutes and the unit is off. I try to bring it up and nothing. No power. I disconnect it and look into it and I notice that the power supply that I got with it is not the one that came with the panel. Its a 16vac.
You guys think its fried? I really hope its not. Any help would appreciated.

They sent you the wrong transformer with the panel. The 2GIG panel runs off of a 14VDC transformer. I’m actually amazed that the panel booted up with 16VAC. I can’t say for certain whether or not your panel is fried or not. You could try using the correct transformer and seeing if it boots up. If it doesn’t, I’d say it’s fried. However, you may have a case for getting it replaced since they sent you the wrong transformer with your panel.

You just put 16v AC on a panel that runs off DC 14v?

Get a 14V DC transformer and see ($14):

You might want to replace the battery pack too…

I honestly didn’t think to even check. That’s what he gave me with the panel. I didn’t think to look until it stopped working.
He did send me the wrong one. He is going to send the original.
I have a feeling that its done. Hopefully it can be salvaged. Maybe the caps. Can be changed on the board? What do you guys think?
Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated.

I think whoever sold you a 2GIG panel with a 16VAC transformer should send you a new panel or give you your money back, not just send you the right transformer. It seems likely that something on the panel would be permanently damaged.

Yeah I think its permanently damaged. The board is getting power with the right adapter but not booting up. I was hoping that it would be simple as a blown capacitor. I am unable to find any board schematics.
I paid 40$ and it came with a wireless camera so really you get what u pay for. Camera is still worth it.
If anyone has any more suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.