Heating and Cooling Health Report

I received an email from suretyDIY with instructions for accessing a complimentary monthly Heating and Cooling Health Report on the Activity > Reports section of the ADC website. However, when I navigate to the Activity page, the Reports section does not appear. Please advise how I can access this report.

For reference, I currently have two Trane XL624 z-wave thermostats working with ADC.

The Heating and Cooling reports are only currently available for the ADC-T2000 and the discontinued CT100 thermostats.

Report notifications should only be sent if you have set up the report in the ADC website.

It doesn’t sound like you are referring to an actual report though, just referring to an Alarm.com email suggesting it as an available ADC feature, right?. There is an email which shows it as an available feature with ADC-T2000 (the T2000 is the big image on the email). Is that what you are referring to? I’ll check to see if that is intended to be sent to all Tstat users or just T2000 users with ADC to be sure.

Thanks, that explains why I don’t have the heating and cooling report option.

You are correct, I was referring to an Alarm.com email with a link to an article, 5 Tips for Your Smart Thermostat . The article pictures the T2000 but all of the tips were applicable to my Trane thermostat except the Heating and Cooling Report.