Heat sensor loss of supervision

The heat sensor on my smoke detector is sending an alarm "Loss of Supervision. I changed the batteries, but still occurring. Any thoughts?

The RF sensor serial number for that heat detector was 1 digit off in the 2GIG system configuration. It should be the same as the smoke and freeze detector on that device, just a different loop number. I sent a command to program the correct serial number so it should be OK now.

I’m having the same problem with my third floor smoke detector. I originally thought it was the batteries and changed them but that unit is still chirping.
Additionally, my system is telling me that my second floor detector needs to be reset. What do I do?

As far as I know the only thing that can cause a 2GIG smoke detector to chirp is low battery. However, it might be that the smoke detector still thinks the batteries are low even though you’ve replaced them. The smoke detector needs to be completely drained of power to reset it’s state and know that you’ve replaced the batteries. Try this…

  1. Take out the batteries.
  2. Hold down the test button for 30 seconds with the batteries removed to drain the capacitors.
  3. Touch a screwdriver to the battery terminals one at a time (not both at the same time) to drain any charge on the terminals.
  4. Put the batteries back in.

Is it still chirping after that? If it’s still chirping then contact whoever you got the smoke detector from as it may be defective.

To reset your second floor smoke detector, try arming and disarming the system twice in a row. If that doesn’t work let me know and we’ll send commands from the back end to reset it. See this post for more information…