Heat Detectors in the Attic

I already have a 2gig alarm system through you guys and I am interested in adding heat sensors in my attic and garage spaces. It gets pretty hot up there over summer (black roof in Pennsylvania) so I’m worried that I need a sensor that works into the 150deg range just to be safe. Also it can be pretty dusty so I don’t want to install a photoelectric fire alarm … just a heat sensor. I would prefer wireless because running a line from the garage to the panel will be a pain. Can you recommend any that will work with my existing 2gig system?

The heats are 135° ROR [rate of rise] (which is standard under NFPA)

(ROR) heat detectors operate on a rapid rise in element temperature of 12° to 15°F (6.7° to 8.3°C) increase per minute, irrespective of the starting temperature.

The only wireless Heat Detector that I was able to find is the Honeywell 5809. It’s a fixed and rate of rise temperature sensor. The only problem is that the threshold temperature for it is 135 degrees. That may be too low to go into an attic. I’ll keep looking around to see if I can find something with a higher threshold temp.

The wireless smkt2 and smkt3 2GIG are also 135° rate of rise heats, but I would not install a smkt2 in garage. For garage use a smkt3 only as loop2 heat