Heat detector for garage

Does anyone make a 2GIG compatible heat detector? We have an attached garage…seems like a good idea to have a heat only detector since I can’t put a smoke detector out there. Thanks!

Smkt3 has three zones. Program it as loop2 heat, and it will only function as a ROR/fixed 135° heat

Honeywell has one that’s just a heat detector.


But neither the 2GIG or the Honeywell are rated to work in extreme cold temps of an unheated garage in the winter.

40° seems to be the ambient.

Thank you, Ryan and Rive. I am in SoCal - the average low in our area for Dec-Jan (the coldest months) average 38-39 degrees, with the mean temps in the low to mid 50s. I would think that in our garage (unheated) that the Honeywell 5809 would probably be fine. What are your thoughts on that?


Either should be fine in that kind weather and I’m jealous.

HAHA…the summer is where it gets unbearable at times. I am a Buckeye - I remember Ohio State Winters…I have to say, I don’t miss it!

Come and visit any time you need to thaw out!!

One other question regarding the heat detector - do you recommend one in an unfinished attic?


I don’t have one in my attic and it wouldn’t be common to do that in residential but it’s certainly better than not having one. Only use rate of rise detectors in attics because they can get pretty hot on their own.

Great, thank you! Do you know of any 2GIG compatible rate of rise only detectors?

Also, for the garage, I will need to see how hot it gets…I wonder if an unfinished garage on a 100+ degree day will get too hot for a 135 degree heat detector + rate of rise. Might I need a rate of rise only detector in there as well?



Do you carry (or have a model number for) a 2GIG compatible rate of rise only detector?


Ryan or Rive,

If there aren’t any rate of rise only detectors for the 2GIG system, could I mount an SMKT3 and only program the rate of rise loop? Or would the dust and heat still be an issue?

Thank you,

Options for heat detectors (135°)

Honeywell 5809 (ROR/fixed heat)
2GIG SMKT3 (program only as loop2 ROR/fixed heat zone)

Google each for purchase options

Hi Rive,

Thank you for that info. I am looking for a detector that can be placed in the attic, so a fixed heat may not be a good option. Is there a ROR only that would work?



For attic look at a 200° fixed temp/rate of rise (you may or may not be able to use the firefighter module with this, dunno)

Kiddie HD200F heat detector:

I’m not aware of any wireless smoke detectors that are RoR only or have a higher fixed temperature threshold. The firefighter has a max operating temp of 120 degrees so it would need to be installed next to an indoor (non-attic) smoke detector that is interconnected with the attic detector.

OK, thank you!