Headlights tripping PIR detector

I’m using a PG9902 Wireless Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector with a Qolsys IQ pannel 2+. The PG9902 is configured with low sensitivity on the pannel, and with the dip switch set to tolerate the heaviest animals. The detector is 21 feet from my property line, and it worked fine for many months.

A few weeks ago, I replaced a plywood fence at the edge of my property with a 1/8" steel fence. However, in two or three locations, there are tiny vertical gaps between the steel plates that make up the fence. Most nights, a garbage truck drives by on the other side of my fence, so about 25 feet away from the PIR detector. Unfortunately this seems to trip the alarm about half the time. It happened so often that I ended up needing to downgrade the PIR detector to a local safety sensor, but I’ve been checking in the morning, and half the time the PG9902 reported a detection event around 4-5am.

Since there is no one on my property, I thought this might be caused by the anti-masking feature. However, that seems to be on by default, and when I enabled it (in case the polarity is wrong in the UI) there was no improvement.

Any suggestions on how to make my curtain detector less sensitive in this situation? Unfortunately, the location is kind of the only one that makes sense. It’s at the top of a ramp, and the trash people need to get bins that are part way up the ramp. However, that part worked fine for many months until the plywood fence came down, and I don’t notice it going off when people come to get my trash, just on the other 6 nights a week when they drive past.

In a very specific scenario like this where you have identified the potential cause, I would only recommend altering the placement of the motion detector so that the common false trigger is out of range/view. Anything blocking the lights flashing over the lens would inhibit function of the detector.