HD100 assistance needed

I have a new Qolsys panel up and running now, but I don’t believe that my HD100 cam is working properly. In normal light, the picture is fine. When the IR is on, I can’t see anything at all. If I walk near the camera when IR is on, it doesn’t pick me up until I’m about 2 feet away from it.

Have you tried power cycling the camera? I would do that first. Also, do you see the glow from the IR emitters when testing? It should be a faint red glow. If not check to make sure you haven’t disabled the IR capability of the camera through the Alarm.com account under camera settings.

Can you attach screenshots of what it looks like in normal light and when the IR light is on?

Hi Amanda and Ryan,

Yes, I have power cycled the camera. Nothing changes. Yes, I do see the 3 red lights on when the room goes dark.

Screen shots attached.

And here is one of the normal view (no IR)

Are you getting a solid green light on the front of the camera on the status ID? At this point I’d say this is a problem with the camera.

As a new camera it will be under warranty. If you purchased it from us, this link discusses the return/exchange policy and contains the information you will need.

Yes, it has a solid green light at all times. Camera functions flawlessly, other than the IR issue.

I’m having the exact same issue. HD100 camera works perfect in regular lighting but with the night vision it is completely blurry and cloudy. This is a brand new unit right out of the box. Exchanged it since I figured the camera must be defective because my original HD100 purchased over a year ago works perfectly. I received new unit last week and this new one has the exact same IR night vision issue. The chances of two brand new HD100 cameras having the exact same issue? I figured I’d check here as I’m thinking this might be a software issue instead… Lo and behold I see a post here with someone else having the exact same issue. Any thoughts on a fix?? I’d hate to send this one back and get a third unit with the same problem again… I’d include a screenshot but it is identical to the one posted above.

It does seem very unlikely that both of them would have the exact same issue. This is the second one you’ve had with this problem? Then it would be the third one we know of overall including @stevetx77’s issue. @stevetx77 did exchanging your camera solve the problem for you?

Have you tried adjusting the Max Exposure setting on the camera? If not, log into your Alarm.com account and go to Video -> Video Device Settings -> Camera Image and check out the Max Exposure setting.

Max Exposure: This affects how bright the image is at night. The automatic setting will be brighter but the motion will be blurrier, whereas the 1/30 exposure will be darker but the motion will be clearer.

Your camera wouldn’t happen to be looking through glass would it? Maybe it’s placed inside a cabinet looking out the glass door? IR light will not shine through glass but instead will reflect off it right back at the camera lens. Or is there anything in front of the camera that might be causing the IR light to reflect back?