Have you transferred any customers from GC2 to GC3

I was wondering if Surety Cam has transferred people from the GC2 to the GC3. Have they downloaded all the info from a GC2, saved it, then uploaded it to the GC3?

How did it go?

Does all the info transfer (sensor data, voice descriptors, settins, z-wave devices, z-wave rules)?

Z-wave devices/rules do not get transferred during any panel swap, they would always need re-added manually.

We have seen some issues arise and not all data transferred in a couple cases. The margin for error due to timing is slimmer it seems. Please note that it would require a newer GC2 in order to be possible. Settings cannot be transferred from an older Go!Control (with “Emergency” spelled out under the emergency button) to a GC3.

Looks like I have the emergency letters.

Would I be able to transfer from my GC2 to a newer GC2 should something go wrong with my panel?

Backup/Restore from an older GC2 to newer GC2, yes that is possible. For the best shot at success, specific steps need to be taken in order.

To perform the restore:

– Let us know you would like a backup run.
– Power down old panel, install existing module into new panel.
– Let us know you are ready to push settings.
– We’ll confirm when the restore is initiated.
– Then power up the new panel with module and antenna. (do not power up the new panel before the restore is pushed)

After you backup my system, would it be possible to get a print out of the settings so I can more easily manually transfer the settings from my GC2 to the GC3?

While its certainly possible to get a list of the settings after a backup is run, the settings on the GC2 and the settings on the GC3 don’t match up 1 for 1 with one another. So having a list of the settings might not be that helpful.

Thinking more for a checklist and more for sensors

I would contact customerservice@suretyDIY.com to see if that is possible.