Hardwired Smoke Detectors

I am remodeling my home and will be required to use hardwired smoke detectors. Is there a supported hardwired model of smoke detector that I can use with an IQ4 panel? The IQ Smoke and PowerG do not appear to be hardwired.


You cannot wire a hardwired smoke detector to the panel. However, you can use an audio detector.

If you are using the IQP4001 IQ Panel 4 with 319.5MHz and PowerG radios, the FireFighter Wired Smoke Alarm Audio Detector SLX-AD-T3 would work.

The FireFighter monitors the alarm activity of existing UL smoke detectors by listening for the audible siren given off. When an alarm is detected, the FireFighter sends a wireless signal to the panel which in turn notifies the central monitoring station (if in use). Typically only one is needed to monitoring all of the interconnected smoke detectors.

So no one makes a smoke detector that meets the hardwired power and interconnection requirements AND will communicate with an alarm.com panel? Seems like the detector companies have a gap here or the regulatory standards need to catch up with today’s technology. I’m not sure if I like my alerting system dependent on a microphone picking up the audible siren. How reliable is this?

No, there are no AC powered smoke detectors with built-in RF communicators for use with the panel.

Regarding reliability as a concern, consider an ionization smoke detector uses a radioactive element, decaying over time, to induce current between electrically charged plates and activates from disruption in that current.

Comparatively the Firefighter listens for a sound. It is a very simple device, and works well with interconnected AC smoke detector circuits.

I’ve never actually seen one fail to detect its nearby sounder.

Thanks for the info and sharing your experience with the Firefighter. I now can revise my order appropriately.