Hardwire existing wired alarm system


I was wondering if you can help me figure out if we can use our current wired alarm system using the Qolsys IQ panel and Hardwire system.

We currently have:
DSC PC5010
DSC PC5108 (zone expander)
DSC PowerSeries LDC5500 panel
DSC siren (model SDM-100)

three 4 wire smoke sensors (model BK-4WB-AT)
two contact sensors for the two entrance doors
three motion sensors (model DC-BV200)
one glass break sensor
one panic button underneath reception desk

What are things that we need to make sure that what we have would be compatible?
Also, do we need to get permit from the town for this kind of work?

Thank you

Existing wired sensors could be reused with the IQ Panel 4 via the Hardwire PowerG here. (installation manual on that page near the bottom)

The first thing I would recommend is to check the replace-by dates on the smoke detectors. Very commonly, if you are replacing an older wired system, smoke detectors may be expired and must be replaced.

Smoke detectors would generally go on the same wired circuit together, and otherwise it sounds like you have a total of 8 zones, so the one PowerG Hardwire translator should suffice.

The SDM-100 is a siren driver for wired speakers, it would not be supported by the Hardwire siren output and looks like it draws more power than would be available. You may be able to use the PGM with another separate power supply and relay, but it is likely much easier to replace the siren with a low current piezo like the SD-15W that can be directly connected.

Existing keypads and the wired panel would not function. You can use the IQ Remote if you need a secondary keypad, or one of the PowerG options in the compatibility list here.

Some cities require monitoring permits. If you mean a permit to perform low voltage maintenance, typically no. If you have a special case or business and think you may need to, contact your local city offices for info.