Hardwire 16 Range

I have a hardwired system which I am trying to replace with a new system. I am looking at Qolsys panel. My question is does the hardwire to wireless translator from Quolsys work reliably if I put it in the basement closet and the panel upstairs?

Typically you shouldn’t worry about communication between the Hardwire 16 and the panel. The Hardwire 16 radio (and low frequency RF in general) has a good range.

That said, certain things can cause problems. Make sure there is not too much metal surrounding the Hardwire 16. Make sure the Antenna is running outside of the old metal alarm can.

Distance can become an issue, so if you are referring to placing the panel two floors away from the Hardwire 16, it would depend on construction and overall distance whether or not an issue might occur. Generally, no, but if so a repeater may help.