Hardwire 16 No LIghts Flashing

I received my Hardwire 16 on Saturday. Wired up according to instructions. I hit Learn and no flashing lights. I have an IQ panel. Also, my service isnt active until friday. Is the lack of service causing the Hardwire to not flash?

Are you referring to the Zone Terminals status LEDs? They will flash for a moment after holding the learn button for 1-2 seconds. The following video shows the process. Can you verify your hardwire 16 is powered?

I watched this video prior to installing. I have hooked up the way this is. I put the power wire on positive lead on the left. I dont have the add sensor icon on my IQ panel. Not sure if that would cause Lights for zones not to flash.

No, the IQ Panel would not impact the LEDs flashing.

In the image it appears no power is hooked up. Can you provide an image of the Hardwire 16 while powered? Also, make sure not to use the power supply for the original panel. You will need to use the 16VDC plug in transformer packaged with the Hardwire 16.

I dont have that pic on my phone but as i mentioned i have the white wire with the lines with spaces plugged into the left side.

Any ideas?

Is there any indication that the device is being powered? Any lights activity at all?