Hardware needed to sign up for new alarm.com service

I’d like to sign up with Surety for alarm.com gold service with monitoring and cloud video support. I’ve ordered a bunch of hardware from another site. I plan to add some Z-Wave switches later but for now is there anything else I’ll need to get started? Is everything below compatible with alarm.com and the GC3 panel?

  • 2GIG-KIT311-GC3
  • WA105DBZ-1
  • Kwikset 910
  • ADC-T2000
  • V721w
  • Alarm.com Skybell HD


Looks like you have the panel and cell module, and that would be all that is needed to get started with service. You can verify your module is unregistered here.

Everything else looks good to go. The panel will need to be at 3.0.1 to use the ADC-T2000.

Video Cameras do not directly communicate with the panel, but they would need to be Alarm.com compatible, but yes the models you gave would work. Level 1 of Alarm.com Cloud Video supports up to 4 cameras. The Skybell HD counts as one of these cameras.

Gold Interactive can be found here. You can select to include Cloud Video level 1 on that product page. A follow up survey will collect the details needed for accounts and our team will email you a confirmation and welcome email upon completion!