Hardware 16 tamper alerts

Hi, we keep getting tamper alerts from Hardware 16. Please advise how to address it. Attached is a picture of the HW16. Thanks.

Give a tug on that jumper in the tamper terminals, is it loose at all?

Sometimes the wire can be inserted behind the screw clamp, which may still make contact, but would be loose and susceptible to tampers.

Try removing and reapplying a new jumper.

If those do not help, it looks like the tamper alerts are frequent but resolve themselves. Do the alerts seem to correspond with any other system behavior or do they just happen randomly?

By jumper, are you referring to the white wire at the lower right corner?

We didn’t see any related activities that trigger the alerts. It seems to happen randomly.

Yes, the above is referencing the short white section of wire connected across the tamper terminals.

The jumper are indeed loose. I attempted to reinsert the wire and tighten the screw, but the jumper remains unstable and can be easily dislodged.

I’m not familiar with the functioning of the jumper terminal. Should the jumper wire be positioned under the screw? Currently the screw doesn’t seem to be able to secure the wire effectively. Could the jumper wire’s thickness be the issue? Would using a thicker wire help, or are there other potential solutions? Thanks!

The wire gauge looks fine. It is a little screw clamp, the wire is likely inserted behind/under the clamp, rather than in it.

Just unscrew the terminal all the way open, insert the wire, then screw down until tight.

After the jumper wire was secured, we did not get any tamper alerts any more. We will give it more time but it seems the issues is solved. Thank you very much.