Hank & Zipato Multi-Color Light Bulbs, Jasco S2 & SmartStart-Capable Devices Now Supported in Alarm.com

Hank and Zipato Multi-Color Light Bulbs
The newest additions to the Alarm.com multi-colored lights ecosystem will help you create even more customizable home ambiance experiences. Use multi-colored and dimmable lights to set the mood and help manage your family’s schedule, like cool white light when it’s time to wake up or purple when it’s time for bed.

  • Hank RGB Bulb (HKZW-RGB01)
  • Zipato RGBW Light Bulb Gen 2

Jasco S2 and SmartStart-Capable Switches, Dimmers and Outdoor Module
The newest Jasco devices are equipped with the latest Z-Wave technologies for enhanced performance and security.

  • In-Wall Switch (Paddle): 46562
  • In-Wall Switch (Toggle): 46563
  • In-Wall Dimmer (Paddle): 46564
  • In-Wall Dimmer (Toggle): 46565
  • Jasco Outdoor Plug-In Smart Switch 14325

Any chance that there is or will be a rule where we can have the RGBW strobe red upon activation of the alarm. I notice the Zipato mentions strobe settings in the manual but I don’t believe there are any settings on ADC’s end to change it upon certain events. Would be cool if the alarm was activated and have them all start strobing so the police would notice which house it is quicker.

I’m not aware of any way in Alarm.com to make the RGBW bulbs strobe when an alarm occurs. You can make them all turn red which might help the police spot the house.

  1. Log into the Alarm.com Website.
  2. Click “Automation” on the left.
  3. Click “Rules” at the top.
  4. At the top right, click “+ Add New Rule”, and then click Event-Triggered Rule.
  5. Under the “Automate My” field, select Multi-Colored Lights.
  6. Under the “When this event occurs” field, select the type of event you would like to trigger the rule.
  7. Under “Perform this action”, click “Set color of” and choose the intended color and duration.
  8. Select the desired light under “Select devices”.
  9. When the settings are correct, click “Save” at the bottom.

At the moment, if you really want it to strobe, you would have to use a strobe light with a Z-Wave switch. I put in a feature request for doing that with the colored bulbs. That’s a great idea!

I have never heard about smart light bulbs… What brand would you suggest I buy?

For best results, I would recommend those that are compatible with Alarm.com and if any are known to be compatible with your alarm panel, even better.

I also own three light bulbs that are installed inside my house. They are really nice in creating a nice and calm atmosphere inside my house.