Halo Smoke Detector

Does the QOLsys support any hard wired smoke detectors. I was particularly looking at the HALO unit, which is well reviewed and certainly has internet support, but also says it works with Smart Things, which to me usually implies Z-Wave. Any information with whether these units might be supported either directly or through Alarm.com? Could they somehow be intermixed with a supported QOLsys smoke alarm and have the Halo unit trigger the other?

Many thanks.

This is a third party detector which would not be compatible with your alarm panel, no. Smoke detectors compatible with the IQ Panel are GE 319.5 mhz wireless.

If this detector uses standard siren cadence it may be able to be monitored by using the Interlogix SLX-AD-T3 audio detector (normally used for existing interconnected hardwired sensors.)

See more info on the audio detector here.

I know this isn’t regarding Halo specifically, but I can confirm that the Firefighter sensor works with Nest Protect. I can also confirm it does NOT work with Kidde hardwired combo photo/CO detector.

I had a problem where my interconnected hardwired smoke detectors had a short in the interconnect wire that could not be reliably located, and was causing numerous false alarms - which in turn would cause numerous false reported alarms through the panel. It drove me batty. At one point I replaced the original First Alert ones with Kidde, discovering that original problem still existed -AND- it did not set off the Firefighter sensor - I guess the alarm tone isn’t following the standard? It was not economically feasible to replace the interconnect wiring so I just went with Nest Protect because it had excellent reviews and did not rely on the interconnect wire.