GSM Signal

What is the minimum GSM I can work with? The 2GIG panel is showing between 6-8, is this an acceptable range? I have seen posts suggesting minimum of 11/31, I am this is not a hard coded number.

I am assuming by “minimum GSM”, you are referring to the signal strength. 6/31 and 8/31 are both much too low to work. 11/31 is considered the minimum needed. Try moving your panel to a different location to see if it is specific to where you currently have the panel located, rather than a general issue with signal in your area.

You want to move panel to location with a steady 15/31 or better connection.

Anything less than 10 will result in intermittent connectivity, connection drops, signals not being recieved or sent (which may become detrimental in say a fire or intrusion alarm event)

10/31 or less is like a cell phone with 1 signal bar or no signal bar.

If you have a Verizon CDMA module make sure it isn’t roaming