Group sensors in GC3

I bought a few window sensors and plan to install them on my windows in the basement. I understand I have to add them all individually but rather than having them all uniquely named in the system with each on its own wireless zone, is there a way to group them into a group called “Basement windows”?

They would all have to be learned in on separate zones but they can all share the same name. So zones 1-4 are all different contact sensors but in the panel they all are named Basement Windows, as an example. Are you just looking to avoid labeling windows differently? i.e. window 1, window 2, window 3, etc. Could you give a use case for labeling them this way?

I would recommend unique names for each window. Not only does this help identify the contacts more easily on your end but if you have Central Station Monitoring, this makes it easier to identify where a potential break-in took place allowing CS dispatchers to better direct responding authorities.

No particular reason. I had this setup in a previous house using a Concord4 panel was curious if it was possible to do the same. I can definitely see the benefits of having them uniquely named.

I had this setup in a previous house using a Concord4 panel

You likely had wired sensors grouped together in series. This is usually done due to the fact that there are a limited number of wired zones on the panel, but ideally all zones would be distinct if possible.