Google Voice not an Option for Carrier in

thank you, but that brings up a bigger question.

The number is a Google Voice number. Google Voice is not in the list of providers.

i have changed the number so that they both have the same provider, “Project Fi”. which is provided by Google much the same as Google Voice is.

please advise if this solution is appropriate.

thank you

Correct, Google Voice is not available in the drop down as a valid provider and there is no ETA for it to be added. I am seeing text messages sent to this number. Are you correctly receiving notification to this device?

If not, in this scenario, you may want to add the Google Voice SMS Domain for that number as an email.
Navigate to the User in and under the Contact Information section add a new email address. It should be 1+"Phone Number" This would be translated from email through their SMS gateway and you would receive notifications via SMS. You should select Plain Text as the email format. Does this work?

i am not getting results with the emails.

this is a problem only because “Google Voice” is not one of the options available in the pull down list of “providers”

“Google Voice” is just as much a “real” phone number as “Project Fi” (which is in you options list)

thank you

Have you tried the above suggestion? I’m not seeing any point in history when a contact email was added recently. I also do not see an email contact as described above currently.

To clarify, please try the following:

  1. Login to the website and click on Users.
  2. Select your primary user #1.
  3. Click the edit pencil on the right side.
  4. In the Contact Information Section, click +Add.
  5. Select Email Address from the drop-down.
  6. Set the email address as 1+your phone

This should send the notification through their email to SMS gateway. Does this work?

Note that does not support Google Voice as a direct SMS option at the current time. We have made them aware of a request for this option.

Thanks to Tyler for the solution.
Thanks to Jason for the detailed implementation clarification.

But to answer your question Jason, no, it does not work as described in your clarification.

the notifications are still not making it thru google voice as a text message, and i see no indication in google voice that a text was ever received.

please check my setup
i have added the new email as a recipient to the “Garage Overhead Door Left Open 5 minutes” notification.

the notification is received by the other recipients only.

more research indicates it cant be done because is not using standard SMS protocol. This is evidenced by the fact that they are asking for a carrier

read this quote …

Any site that is asking for your carrier to send you an SMS isn’t using a standard SMS protocol they are using an SMS gateway to send the SMS through email (called SMS Transit). Each carrier has it’s own specific email to SMS gateway (for example to send a text to the Verizon Wireless phone number (555) 555-5555 you’d email

Google Voice does not support SMS Transit

So the short answer to you question: none; Google Voice doesn’t support receiving text messages from them.

actually they do kinda support it, but only if the sender is gmail.

That’s a good find. Yes, if they only allow email to SMS through gmail, then that would be why Google Voice is not listed as an option.

You’ll want to use push notifications to the phone instead in this case. Enter the App settings menu and Notifications. Make sure that push notifications are enabled.

You can then edit notifications to have your phone as the recipient.

I know this thread is just over a year old, but I was trying to set up SMS messaging to my google voice number and came across this thread while trying to find a solution.

Thanks for previously discussing the possible solutions, and providing details on why they don’t work.

I was wondering if there may have been some recent developments in how sends SMS messages. I still don’t see ‘Google Voice’ as an option in the configuration drop-down menu. Has anyone found a solution? I have notifications enabled in the app, but SMS to google voice allows for a lot more flexibility in where and how I receive notifications.


There is no update as far as I know on Google Voice supporting an email to SMS gateway like other carriers. That would be required for automated notifications to be generated and hit Google Voice as SMS.

Project Fi supports this, but Google Voice does not. We’ll check with ADC for any possible momentum, but this is something that affects every single corporate entity which would use email to sms gateways, and it is a fairly common concern based on some searches.

I google this and found that you can not email a text to google voice . would not work

I wish ADC would allow google voice as a carrier

Google Voice does not support an email to sms gateway and is not selectable as a carrier.

This limitation I believe is in place because any MMS (something with a video clip, thumbnail, etc.) must be sent through the email to SMS gateway via a data network, can’t just use voice network.