Google Home voice control for ADC Thermostats

I recognize this question is a bit outside of Surety’s scope, but hoping someone can advise.

I am trying to voice control one of my two ADC-T2000 thermostats through Google Home. I have linked Google Home and my ADC account.

When I say “Okay Google: ask to turn the temperature down” (or similar phrase), Google replies “I found multiple matching thermostats” and then stops listening.

What phrase will allow me to voice control individual ADC thermostats? I’ve tried saying things like “Okay Google: ask to turn down Thermostat 1” to no avail.

You can differentiate them by name. For best results you will want to rename those thermostats something specific and different to be able to pinpoint which via voice to Google Home.

Dining Room Thermostat
Kitchen Thermostat
Downstairs Thermostat
Upstairs Thermostat