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I have my set up and integrated with google home and assistant and it works flawlessly. To disarm, unlock, and open garage you need to say with pin. I am setting up a friends system for him and it never asks to set up a pin when I link it to google home. When I try disarm it says secure actions are not supported. Does anyone know where to set this pin at?

“Next, open the Google Home app. Enter your account login and password to sync your account. You’ll have the option to create your PIN as part of the setup process.”

As of June, Google policy no longer permits this pin option, or some aspect of it. The ability to set a pin for secure actions was removed for an indeterminate period. Secure actions are not currently available (Disarm, Unlock, Open Garage)

Hey Jason,

Thank you for the detail. My system is fine and I still use a pin? I set this up prior to June however. The ADC product pages still list this as a feature. This is a shame as a couple of people are trying to set this up as I have demonstrated mine working.

See below for the announcement.

Due to a recent change in Google’s policy, has been asked to remove the ability to set up a pin for performing “secure actions” (Disarm, Unlock, Open Garage) through our Google Home voice integration. For customers who have already enabled a pin during setup of the Action on Google Home, this functionality will continue to work. However, in the case that their pin is disabled due to 3 incorrect pin attempts in a row, they will not be able to re-add a pin during the Action setup process.

Well I am not going crazy, I spent hours trying to figure this out. Thanks Jason, I assume we don’t know if/when they will enable this support back in?

No, unfortunately there is no ETA or update on this at this time.

I am having issues getting Google home to talk to ADC. We just got the Google Home. When I say “Ok Google, talk to” it tells me to add it using the app, but the option isn’t there. Has something changed recently?

Are you looking in the app or the Google Home App?

You need to link in Google Home App:

Navigate to the ‘Discover’ tab. You will see an card at the top of the app.
Tap on the ‘Link’ button.

You should be able to also add via tapping “Explore” in your Home menu, scroll to “Home Control,” find and link that way.

Has there been any update to this 2 years later?

Also, I don’t see an connection in my Google Home app. Did that disappear or was it renamed? I attached screenshots showing what’s already connected in my Google Home and the section where you’d expect to see

Google Home does not permit secure actions via pin through the integration at this time.

I don’t see an connection in my Google Home app. Did that disappear or was it renamed?

I’m not sure if there would be any reason for Google Home to limit the connections it displays. I wouldn’t think so, but this would be more in the control of the Google Home app.

Does your integration still work through Google Home currently?