Good options for shade controller?

Currently shopping for new tracked blinds in main bedroom , contractor has couple options for smart home controllers. Which brand appears best for integration with ADC? I see lots of issues posted here, so what works best?

For an compatible option, you would want to look at Lutron RadioRa2

apologies for being lazy, do you know a good place to start learning? I’ve used Samsung Smarthings, and programmed some z-wave devices, switches and sensors. But the Lutron RA2 google pages are all about sales and marketing, very little “how-to”. Since we are shopping for blinds, I can ask the blinds installer about “Lutron compatible shades”, but I’d like to start off knowing something? thanks,

I’m not sure if you have seen this yet, but this comparison guide gives an idea what features/devices are supported by the various Lutron options. It also gives specifications for range and device limits and is probably more in line with what you are looking for.

RadioRa2 supports lighting and shades, and if you are going to have a system installed by a local company, this is a great option.

I intend to connect the Lutron to ADC on this account; is there any reason I would want Lutron to control the lights instead of the ADC app?

You wouldn’t need to choose. Lutron devices are set up on a Lutron account, and integration with ADC takes place after the fact, connecting your account/main repeater to your account. You could control with either.