Good news! Qolsys plans to support up to 240 Z-Wave devices next year

Hi guys,

I have the Qolsys panel, and after I added about 50 light switches, I was shocked to bump into the 30-light limit on the panel, all while Z-Wave technically supports over 200.

Additionally, now I’m also bumping into the 6-lock limit (I now have 7).

After having no luck earlier this year, I just pinged Qolsys,, and LiveWatch again, and this time, I got some good news.

Some time next year, Qolsys plans to support up to the limit of 240 z-wave devices, which will have no issues pairing 50+ lights and 7 door locks.


Level 3 Qolsys Tech Support
(855) 4-QOLSYS
(855) 476-5797

So there you have it, right from the horse’s mouth. There’s no ETA, unfortunately, but as long as it’s going to happen, I’ll be happy. Hopefully, the first half of the year at least. I’ve asked them to clarify the quarter, if they can, and will update the post if they tell me.

They just replied with:

I do not have an approximate time next year.


We’ve expected another increase in # of supported devices. I believe there have been two increases thus far regarding individual type totals.

I was hoping it might coincide with the next firmware release. If it is anything like previous instances, the totals will incrementally increase as they presumably stress test new firmware versions.

Yeah, there was a bump in January of this year, I believe, but when I contacted them mid-year about getting more, they told me that basically tough shit, we only tested and guarantee this many to be stable.

They also told me today that the next update will support a total of only 75 devices, so no bump just yet.

The next update we still support 30 lights, 18 smart sockets, 6 door locks, 5 thermostats, and 16 other devices, making 65 total.

I think 65 is a typo. He meant 75. The only difference here I see is 10->16 for other devices.

Got the 1.5.1 update today. The bump to 16 other devices is indeed in this one. The rest stayed the same.